The DUFF {a semi-review with zero spoilers}

I went to the movies for the first time in almost 6 years. I left the kids with Dave and headed out for a girls’ night with my mom.

We had dinner and a former student made sure my meal was gluten and dairy free. Pork enchiladas for the win. I was finished eating in 12 minutes. It’s the Mom Curse. You cannot eat slowly, even when given the opportunity, because you have been trained to gobble. But the food was delicious and I enjoyed every single second of not cutting someone’s meal, reminding people to use inside voices, or cleaning up little people with baby wipes. My mom and I talked and no one interrupted us. Except our server, who was fantastic.

I paid an exorbitant amount of money for a Diet Coke and we took our places for a PG-13 movie. Now, let me preface all of this by saying that I am prudish with certain things. I don’t enjoy curse words, I hate when teen sex is glamorized, and I am not a fan of vulgarity. In good conscience, I cannot recommend this movie to anyone. Which I absolutely hate saying, because the overall message was superb. And the actors were all incredibly talented. If it had been PG, I would own it. I would pre-order it. I would host a DUFF party. But it wasn’t PG and the rating felt closer to R than PG-13. I love when the issues of cyber-bullying, inner beauty, and authentic friendship are addressed. I loved certain parts. But, I will never be able to watch it again. And that bummed me out. I am sure it followed the book, but the language and vulgarity were gratuitous. To the point of being uncomfortable and icky. These are my opinions…you may see it and disagree with me. To each her own.

But I had a wonderful time with my mom just having fun and not being someone’s caregiver. I peed without anyone watching me. I shared my drink with no one. And that was a beautiful thing. I will go out more often with my mom, but I doubt I will be seeing anymore movies anytime soon.

Without spoilers, I will say this: as a person who has been cyber-bullied, I think it is an issue that needs to be at the forefront of our conversations. I give The DUFF 5 stars for showing the atrocities of bullying. I give it 0 stars for being anything I could ever show my own children when they are teens. Cuz their Mama is too old school and didn’t understand 1/2 the jokes. And that’s okay! I am happy being me and making the choices I make for myself and my family. I don’t regret them. Well, I regret buying the Large Diet Coke. I didn’t realize it was like 96 oz. I was too caught up in the freedom of not pushing a wheelchair or wearing an Ergo…


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