Maiden Voyage

A friend contacted me with an ‘I am worried about you because your blog is a bit on the scary side right now’ message. It was nice to be loved and thought of and I informed her that I am okay.


But I’m not. Not really. And I am learning to deal with that. I am going to be 32 this week. And my middle child, the one who shares my middle name, is falling further and further behind. And I am not sure how to reconcile in my mind that as she and I both get older, we must adjust our expectations.


I won’t go into all of it. I don’t need to chronicle where BabyCenter updates and my day-to-day reality have close to nothing in common. I relish the inchstones and throw parades for the milestones.

Graham is with his Grandma. I am bound and determined to do something fun with the girls. And something brave. Like buying toilet paper.

Adelaide still hasn’t used her wheelchair, but today is the day! Praying it goes better than our test run.


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2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. Pam Drake says:

    So, how did the maiden voyage go?


  2. […] “Mom, you can say no, but I need to take Adelaide out in the wheelchair before her appointment tomorrow. Do you want to come?” I was really saying, “I need you, Mama, because I am nervous and scared.” My mom knew the underlying message. She has known me 32 years. So she agreed to be my buddy for the maiden voyage. […]


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