How Many Diapers?

“How many diapers do you have for two kids?”

I get this question a lot. And I didn’t have a concrete answer, so I threw the girls in some gifted disposables and washed every diaper in the house. Then I emptied the diaper bags, therapy bag, and my purse.

I was shocked. It was more than I thought.

Currently in use:
33 pocket diapers in large and onesize
24 covers in onesize
37 prefolds
5 bamboo flats
40 flour sack towels
12 nighttime pocket diapers
104 microfiber inserts in various sizes (rotated)
105 cloth wipes
7 kangacare bags we use as pails
5 small wetbags

Then, I remembered everything under Adelaide’s bed.

Maybe Baby Stash:
25 pocket diapers in sm, med, and onesize
21 covers in newborn-large and onesize
31 prefolds in newborn-med
10 fitteds in newborn-med
17 natural fiber inserts
10 newborn doublers
5 microfiber inserts
250 bioliners
90 double-sided wipes

We have found amazing deals on all our diapers…our entire stash from the past 2.5 years cost us less than a few months of disposables. Plus, we are completely ready to diaper another little if we are blessed in that department. Or if Graham gets that Benjamin Button thing.

PS: Isn’t Bess adorable? #FourDollarCoverOnTheBum




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2 thoughts on “How Many Diapers?

  1. It looks like Bess’, um Bess’s, or is it Besses’, uh I mean Besses’s…anyway!…Her sumo training is going quite well. In the last shot, her stance is almost perfect. She just needs to bend at the knees a little bit more. And eat a lot more donuts. She is far too skinny for the ring at this point.


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