5 Reasons I Am An Unpaid Blogger

1. People who pay for writing want consistency in number of posts per week. As I already promised, I am anything but. And we are going to keep it that way. I am horrible with schedules. Scratch that. I am awesome at making schedules, but cannot follow them. A by-product of having three out-of-the-box kids. Plus, I don’t make time for my writing. I write when I feel like writing. And I choose many things over writing. And I will always choose s-e-x over all the things I choose over writing. So I guess I am consistent in one area of my life, but nothing that brings in sponsors.

2. People who pay for writing want consistency in voice and style. I sometimes use passive voice. Okay. I often use passive voice. Passive voice is often used by me. I like it. Arrest me. I enjoy creative writing and breaking all those rules. Even though I am a word nerd and a grammar geek. I love fragmented sentences, starting sentences with conjunctions, ending sentences with prepositions, and using more ellipses than the number of french fries I can eat before the five-year-old asks to share. There is nothing about my writing that is super unique or screams, “Pay me to write this. Lots of people want to share it a hundred times and make you money.”

3. People who pay for writing want focused content. I am all over the place. I can and do write about poop. Which I will then follow up with a poignant post about raising a child with a rare disease. And then I will load a bunch of photos of a cloth diapered baby. I write what I feel like writing in the moment. And sometimes, a poop anecdote beats out something thought-provoking. I am an emotional person, so raw and unedited posts happen on my terms. And my terms don’t always match up with the terms and agreement of sponsors.

4. People who pay for writing want link ups. All the time. I can’t guarantee that I will have anything to link up. See 1 & 3 for my reasons. They also want LinkedIn. And Instagram. And FourSquare. And lots of other communities. I am just not really a community person. Especially when you need to start posting their stuff in return for the Benjamins. I can’t do it organically and end up looking like a dozen different scenes from The Truman Show.

5. People who pay for writing want high quality graphics and photos. You know I have a point-and-shoot camera from 6 years ago. And it is missing an entire panel on the side. I can barely navigate Photoshop, even with a roadmap from the hubby. If he hadn’t done the graphics for the page {which I heart so much I want to eat them} and some other goodies, there would be nothing visually enticing. I can’t design anything. I just now learned how to put my watermark on my pictures. I lack all those touches that get people to pin your article and make you go viral. And I don’t even own my own domain, so sponsors are thinking, “Your branding looks fabulous. But people will still need to find you through a weird connect-the-dots on Google.”

I respect all the people who get paid to write and blog and share. They put hours into their craft. I just seem to be a no-go. I haven’t even tried to put in the work and dedication needed to be a fantastic mommy blogger. Those women kick butt and take names. Maybe someday I will join the ranks of the paid blogger. For now, I am just a WordPress site of complete randomness. I wrote an acrostic sonnet just because I wanted the challenge. And as an outlet after being turned down five times in one week. Rogue and reporting to zero people. And probably better for now, since I sometimes get caught up in numbers and forget who I am.

And here is a totally random photo Graham took of me nursing. Seriously, I can’t understand why the gluten & dairy free dough isn’t raining from the sky… {chuckle chuckle}

unpaid blogger 1

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