Three-Fifths {Speech Therapy Update}

Our unofficial speech therapist gave us unofficial speech homework. We had the evaluation more than a week ago, but the speech therapy ball is now in the insurance court. And this analogy will break down soon, because I haven’t played basketball since I lived in Colorado. Anyway, we have five skills to practice in the waiting time that we hope with our little special needs hearts will end soon with an approval letter.

speech eval 3speech eval 1speech eval 2


First, we acknowledge every sound, gesture, eye movement from Adelaide and repeat it back to her. Basically, letting her know that we {her partners in communication} see her and want to be engaged. It is exhausting and I sound like a total weirdo recognizing and saying aloud every move she makes. I have always done it, but not 100% of our day. Buy me a Sonic.

Second, we offer two choices at all times in order to get her to look to one side, move her foot, or reach for something. We want to reinforce to her that we see even the most subtle ways she communicates with us. This is hilarious. When Adelaide doesn’t want to say or gesture, she will just make her eyes as wide as can be and move them to her choice. Without moving her head. She is that cat clock! Do you know the one I am talking about? Hahaha!

Third, we integrate universal gestures and non-verbal body language into Adelaide’s sign language. Example: Adelaide knows and uses the sign for ‘good’…but we also want her to give a thumbs up if something is good. This prepares her to communicate with people who don’t know ASL. Right now, when I make a thumbs up, she shouts, “TEN!” My little ASL rockstar!

Forth, um, let me think for a minute here. We have been working so hard on the first three. I can’t remember the forth. Or fifth. Shoot. Well, I guess I get a 60%. Now I really need a Sonic…

This morning, I asked Bess if she wanted to cuddle with me or play with Graham. She made her eyes completely huge and moved them to Graham. Three times. I was laughing so hard. It’s not uncommon for siblings to adopt these therapy techniques along with sister or brother. At least I know we are practicing the behavior well enough…my little observer wants to play along.

If only I could remember the other two homework assignments. I didn’t have a chance to take notes. I graduated college with a 4.0 and honors cords, but my current Mom Brain can only remember 3/5 of my speech therapy responsibilities. I got a perfect score on my Three-Fifths Compromise essay. Which doesn’t help us here. At all.





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2 thoughts on “Three-Fifths {Speech Therapy Update}

  1. MamaM says:

    She says ten!!! Oh my precuous!! My heart melts and laughs with you!!


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