Be You Bravely

“Tough days, tough months, tough years. They can start to wear on you and make you wonder if you are enough. If you’re doing enough, saying enough, researching enough. If you’re fighting hard enough for those precious gifts God has entrusted to you. May I please say STOP. Stop wondering. Stop worrying. Stop comparing and playing the ‘what if’ game. YOU ARE ENOUGH. It is hard. So hard. Jesus knows that, and He is with you every single second. THAT is why you are enough. Because He fills our gaps and smoothes our rough edges. He carries us. He carries you. You will always be enough with Jesus.” An Anonymous Friend

These words landed in my mailbox. No return address. No signature. Just truth. I am beyond grateful for a friend who loves on me. Who is used by the Holy Spirit to minister to me. Who sent me this necklace as a reminder of my worth and position in Christ.

I am enough because of Jesus.
2 Corinthians 12:9


My new necklace was handmade by Kate. Bought by a sister in Christ. Worn by a daughter of the King.

The Adopt Shoppe
{little billboards for your heart}

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