When You Are Spoiled Rotten

I am going through a rough season. Loss and heartache and things I don’t understand. But I am spoiled rotten. Not just by God, who redeemed me and grants me unbelievable grace & mercy. But by my friends. A circle of women who bless me day in and day out. They do the hard work of staying connected in a world linked by wi-fi and usb and emoticons.

One dropped off homemade sweet potato fries. I have several love languages. Fries are really high up on the list. They were fantastic. They were comfort food.

From another, flowers and my favorite pop. She ignored that I was in my pajamas. At dinner time. My sister-friend came with hugs and love and no judgment. And the first “Sorry you lost your amazing dad” card. Which took the loss from surreal to real in about five seconds.

Another friend mailed me clothes. After the funeral, we stopped over at an Aunt’s house. I changed into jeans and my new flannel shirt. Because there are few things that feel better than taking off heels, throwing on flannel, and eating five Girl Scout cookies.

When we were finally home, my mom handed me a gift bag. “The cutest blonde ever dropped this off!” Leopard shoes and a new scarf. Two things I had admired. She paid attention and surprised me.

Spoiled, I tell you.

My friends are just too much. Beautiful souls. I used to say that I would never have close friends, because girls can be so mean and catty and horrible. I was a broken person who attracted more than my fair share of not-so-sweet people. I am still broken, but now I am in my thirties and have surrounded myself with loving, selfless, sweethearts.

During this time, when I question how God can work everything for my good, He works through girlfriends. Women who spoil me rotten. Women who love on me and don’t expect anything back. Showing me so much grace in these tough days.


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