Top 20 Things I Hear From Cashiers When Buying Pregnancy Tests

“I hope it’s positive. Or negative. I don’t know your life.”

“Hope you get your answer either way.”

“Don’t you already have five kids?”

“I thought you already had one of each. You know, a boy and a girl?”

“I never needed these. I could just always tell.”

“Are you actually trying?”

“Don’t you have a disabled kid?”

“Is this your first? My sister just had her first baby.”

“I hate selling these things.”

“May the odds be ever in your favor. Like The Hunger Games. You could name it Katniss if it’s a girl.”

“I had both my children naturally with no drugs at all.”

“You should do that pencil test.”

“Don’t you already have four kids?”

“Will they let you have another c-section?”

“Did you ever do that Chinese calendar thing?”

“What will you name the baby if it’s a girl?”

“Do you already have a boy name picked out?”

“I can tell you’re pregnant. You’re already showing. Or maybe you’re just heavy.”

“Don’t you already have three kids?”

“My friend’s friend’s sister just had a baby.”

“May the force be with you.”


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3 thoughts on “Top 20 Things I Hear From Cashiers When Buying Pregnancy Tests

  1. […] was sick this week. So sick that I used my last expensive pregnancy test. Not those 88 cent cheapies from the top shelf at Wal-Mart. No, I used a Clear […]


  2. […] Since I feel pregnant right now, I’m pinky promising myself that I won’t test. Even though Graham told me on the way to VBS that there is a baby growing in my belly. “No, sweetie, Mommy is not having another baby.” Graham is pretty obsessed with babies. “Mama, I know dese fings. Dere is a baby gwowing in yours belly. I don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy, but I know it’s in dere.” It’s just stress, weight gain, and lack of sleep. I keep repeating it. Because I refuse to look like a fool once more…I will not buy another pregnancy test. […]


  3. […] double lines came at one of the hardest times in our marriage. We were sinking financially. We were still trying […]


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