Time To Read

A full Crockpot and an empty Laundry Chair. These are the moments that don’t define me as a mom, but keep me from eating all the Easter goodies we shoved into the Poop Container. By the way, people without children don’t often know that parents of strong-willed preschoolers still bribe their children with sugary treats. Will he completely relieve himself in his Star Wars Angry Birds underwear? Not anymore. But am I taking any chances that he waits a bit too long and gets a bit in them and then cries a bit? Not on my watch. If he wants to do his business sans accidents for a few jellybeans or an egg-shaped maltball, I am the first to show up to that party. My poor husband had to explain the term ‘Poop Container’ to his family on a Holy Day. “No, Graham, you can’t eat all your candy. It’s going in the Poop Container.” I said it without thinking. Because I am raising a 5 1/2 year old who wants control over everything in his little life. But the chair is empty, and the chicken is almost done, and I am going to enjoy some time reading something that is written above a second grade level. Unlike this post. Sorry about that…


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One thought on “Time To Read

  1. […] This week kicked my butt, but I’m praying that Dave will heal quickly, Graham will stay healthy, and I can keep from eating all the Starbursts in the poop container. […]


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