Keppra Rage Is Real…I Pinky Swear

Whew. Adelaide had four Keppra Rage sessions today. Technically, Adelaide takes generic Keppra. But Levetiracetam Rage doesn’t roll off the tongue.

I once read an article stating that Keppra Rage was not real. Said that moms look for it, because they hear about it in groups. I will tell you this: I didn’t know that Adelaide’s seizure medication could make her rage until it did. She was having thirty minute fits that couldn’t be stopped. And slamming her head into walls. So I Googled “Can Keppra Upset Babies” and I found pages of results about Keppra Rage.

I hadn’t made it up. It wasn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy. It was real. It was a very real side effect. She also coughs. And she gets moody. And she gets extra mucus in her sinuses. All side effects. All real.

Today, we had four Keppra Rage sessions. Nothing could stop them. She was screaming, throwing her head into things, and trying to rip her own hair out. Amazing stuff. Speaking of hair…


Dave is off filming for a competition. I did that all by myself. I seriously feel like a preschooler who just wrote her own name for the very first time. I think even Keanu Reeves would be pleased.

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