Our Last Day With Bob

Our last day with Bob.

last day 1

It was the Sunday before he passed away. One month ago today.

last day 3

Graham begged us to do something normal.

last day 2

He told me Papa Bob was going to Heaven soon. He said that Papa would want us to play outside and laugh. So we did.

last day 4

And it is amazing how much the wind and sunshine can heal broken hearts.

last day 5

I didn’t even know how much I would be able to hurt until two days later. The loss wasn’t there yet, just the preparation for it.

last day 6

And now we are one month passed and I am supposed to say that it is getting easier.

last day 8

But I tried to call him the other day. I picked up my phone and opened my favorites.

last day 9

Bob. Dave. Della. Linda. My dad, husband, mom, and other mom.

last day 11

I hit the button without even thinking. That number is no longer any good.

last day 12

His phone is gone. Because he is gone.

last day 13

But I don’t know how long it will take me to delete it. Because we talked and texted at least every other day before he got sick.

last day 14

And we are approaching that anniversary of him being rushed to the hospital, and I don’t know if that will be the day I go ahead and remove him from my favorites.

last day 15

Or if I will need more time.

last day 16

But one month ago, we played and laughed and did something normal.

last day 17

And there is no photo of Bob.

last day 18

Because I tried to take one with him. And I couldn’t keep it.

last day 10

Holding onto hope today. And his sweet little grandbabies.

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3 thoughts on “Our Last Day With Bob

  1. Crystal says:

    my husband has never deleted his dad’s. He passed away on Christmas Eve 2011. Nothing wrong with holding on to it.


  2. […] had been preparing for this moment for more than nine months, but I wasn’t ready. I knew just two days before that I had said goodbye for the very last time. Graham told me on Sunday that it was time for Papa […]


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