That Time We Just Showed Up At Preschool

We were recently denied therapy services under our insurance plan. It’s pretty typical for undiagnosable kids. Adelaide is rare. Polymicrogyria, vision deficit, hearing deficit, seizures, missing brain matter. She uses a wheelchair. She is nonverbal. But her diagnosis code is simple. Developmental Delay. It’s the umbrella code. We are learning to navigate with this catch-all. I reached out to several organizations and programs in our area. The waiting lists for kids with developmental delay were daunting. For a couple of years, I have been doing as much at home as possible, while we petition insurance. Last week, we came to the end of our fight. No speech or occupational therapy services would be granted. Physical therapy is possibly running out. Since our state prohibits most therapists from working freelance, we have one option left: the special needs preschool near our home…

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One thought on “That Time We Just Showed Up At Preschool

  1. […] wipes. But you’ll need to tell me what you need. Because I am truly the Emma Woodhouse of Special Education Preschool. I need assistance figuring out the difference between helpful and nuisance. School me in the art […]


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