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Ready, set, go…

Every night, Dave puts Adelaide to bed. “Say ‘goodnight’ to Mama.” She never does. And we always laugh that she will usually look away. But tonight, she made eye contact with me as I said, “I love you, Adelaide. Have sweet dreams. I will see you in the morning.” And her eyes actually followed me as I walked across the room. She was totally focused on me. I got so close and her eyes stayed on me. Then, she giggled. She maintained eye contact the whole time. Usually, I only get eye contact when I am signing to her. Tonight, we were singing our songs and she tried to kiss me. A real kiss. I wonder if she missed me, since I had gone to dinner with my mom and sister. I am rarely away from her. Just a few hours a week. Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder. I know I missed her every second I was away. Even the glorious ones where I walked through Target all by myself. Because this face is just too much sweetness.



Time’s up.

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