Why I Quit Making Laundry Detergent {Part 2}

Our world was changing every day, but the laundry was never any different. We ran out of all our gifted detergent when I was pregnant with our third child and caring for Adelaide, who was getting further and further behind. Mentally, I couldn’t make that detergent. We couldn’t even afford store-bought as we were trying to catch up with Adelaide’s skyrocketing medical bills, but I couldn’t do one more thing. I couldn’t do it. Our genetics tests all came back inconclusive. Doctors were saying she may never walk, talk, or learn to read. I was in pajamas for days and days, but everyone else was still wearing clothes. The laundry needed me, but I couldn’t make the detergent. I asked friends for coupons, raided the change jar, and bought detergent.

It felt normal.

In a season of our life when we were barely above water, I did something typical…

Finish reading over on the Firefly Friends blog.

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