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Ready, set, go…

“Her children will rise and call her blessed.” I remember hearing that verse as a kid and thinking that I would love to be a mom that awesome. To have your kids praise you like that…phenomenal. I’ve been a mom since 2009. Today was the closest I have ever come to this verse.

Yesterday, something I really wanted didn’t pan out. I missed the film competition while I was sick with three sick kids. Dave kept saying he would come home and I made him go without us. He had worked so hard on that film and I didn’t want him to miss the viewing, voting, and awards. I refused to let him stay with us. Flat out refused. I solo parented for 17 hours. I was not in the best place physically or emotionally, but I didn’t let the kids know.

Last night, Dave came home and announced that they had won first place. I was thrilled. Dave loves film and I love the sparkle in his eye when he works on a project.

I was actually in the film this year. My mom came over at bedtime, so I could go be Dave’s love interest. It was amazing to be a part of it this year. Usually, I am home with the kids from Wednesday night to Saturday night of the competition week, which was Mother’s Day this year. Every year, Dave practically lives at his friend’s house and I basically hunker down until the project is turned in. This year, Dave woke me up to say I was in the movie. I was happy all that day. My directions were to “look like a woman from somewhere between 1890 and 1940, but not too much like a specific year.” Um. I did my best. Graham said I had princess eyes.


The filming is almost magical. There is so much adrenaline during the FilmSpiva contest. They pick up their criteria after work on Thursday and have exactly 48 hours to write, film, edit, and drop off a 3 minute film. We put it on the calendar every year, but each time May rolls around, I am nervous and excited for them. Mostly nervous.

To miss the conclusion was heartbreaking. I also felt like I was letting Dave down. I didn’t even get to vote. Then, I was up again at 4:30 this morning with another vomiting kid. My princess eyes were definitely gone and replaced with mombie eyes.

“Mama, fank you for always wiping mine butt when I’m sick. And yous are da best mom cuz you do all the yucky fings and don’t always get to do da fun fings.” Graham’s words this afternoon. While I was washing poop out of yet another diaper. This was a five-year-old’s way of rising up and calling me blessed. I cried in the bathroom.

I love that God sent that little bit of encouragement via my firstborn blessing. Being a mommy isn’t always fun. Some days you are literally up to your elbows in poop. Like 15 times. But it is so amazing to be a mom to these three.

But I am already hoping no one is sick next year…because I look forward to this for months.

And congratulations to Dave and Jim. I am so proud of them! First place. So wonderful.

This year’s criteria: harmonica, a shot of the Gryphon Building, and the phrase “Did I ever tell you about the time?” Every year is an adventure.

Time’s up. Join me at for your five minutes of unedited writing. You don’t need to talk about poop, but no judgment if you do!


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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Rise

  1. Jackie S says:

    Thanks for sharing on FMFParty. That video was cute!


  2. jerralea says:

    Aw, the words of your five year old were so sweet! Highest praise you could ever receive!

    I do hope next year turns out better for you, but I bet you never forget what your child said to you THIS year.


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