Grahamism: Company

“Mama, it’s weally not fair dat Kensie’s got a job and I don’t.”

“What job does Kensie have? She’s only three years old. Do you mean that she helps her mom and dad with chores?”

“No, she works for a company.”

“Wow! Which one?”

“I don’t know. I’m just five. You said it.”

“When did I say that Kensie worked for a company?”

“You said we gotta stwaighten up mine room cuz Kensie and her company are comin over to pway tomorrow.”

“Gotcha. I said that we had company coming. It’s like saying we have friends or guests coming over for a visit.”

“So she’s doesn’t work at a company?”

“Not that I know of. But you should ask her.”

“Mama, I weally hopes you are joking. Do you fink she works at Leggett wif Daddy? I never see her dere, so I don’t fink she does. But, I could work dere if I give up mine dweams of being on Angwy Birds. But I will be on Angwy Birds. I’m not gonna give up on mine dweam!”



Never Stop Dreaming

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