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Ready, set, go…

Sometimes you get an 8pm message saying, “You can come to my rummage sale before it opens.” And your husband says, “Go! Go now!” And you drive through the ATM. You can’t do cash envelopes anymore, because you lost the water bill money one month and it was a nightmare looking for it. You’re a budget pro, but only when it’s safely inside an account. But you know exactly what you can spend. You show up at your friend’s house and you are shopping without a wheelchair. Without a carrier. Without a little man trying to sweet talk you into buying the toys of two sweet little girls. He doesn’t care about a Strawberry Shortcake at all, but he is thrilled at buying anything. But he’s at home watching ‘What’s in The Bible?’ with Daddy while his sisters are in bed. Everyone is winning on this deal. And you fill two boxes with clothes. Coats. Dresses. Your daughter went through a growth spurt and skipped two sizes in just a month. You raided the next size up container and there were so many gaps. You bought brand new shorts for the first time in a long time. She went across the aisle from toddler to big girl.


But there were still so many things she needed. Well, by our Western definition. And you knew trying to yard sale with three kids under six would be difficult this year. As you were driving home from physical therapy today, you were thinking, “How can I do yard sales with the wheelchair? Will it work in people’s yards? We only have one vehicle, so we will need to take Dave to work on Fridays. Or I can go on Saturdays when the kids are asleep.”



Then, you get a message answering all your questions. All the sizes you need. No small hands ripping off stickers. You were given the gift of buying everything else your daughter needed for this size and the next. And you were given the gift of buying coats now, instead of trying to compete with hundreds of other women at consignment sales this fall. And you were given the gift of being able to fill in all the gaps in your youngest’s hand-me-down wardrobe. It ends up being under your budget and under $1 a piece. You are done shopping for the rest of the year. All because a friend sent that message at 8pm.

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Gift

  1. Tara says:

    What a gift for you and your family. Blessed to be your neighbor at FMF.


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