Mom Confession: Tetris

This isn’t really a confession if you know me, but I love Tetris. My favorite is T. That T piece is just too adorable. I could play for hours, but I obviously don’t. I mean, there are three small humans who require my care.

Awhile back, we downloaded the Tetris game on our Roku. I hadn’t played in about 6 years. It was like riding a bike. Except I didn’t fall off…I’m not that great on a bike. It was more like reading a book. Or opening a candy bar. I am approaching expert level on those skills.

Graham wanted to learn to play Tetris. Have you ever taught an emotional perfectionist with a strong will to play a video game? There isn’t enough chocolate on our continent to deal with his defeatist attitude. And when Graham sees an S or a Z, he goes into a full panic mode.

I decided to switch us to the Ultra mode. It is just two minutes long. So, if he doesn’t stack to the top in one minute and fifty-nine seconds, he “wins”…which means we all win. He tends to get between 300 and 1100 points in a round. I get about 4k. But we can take turns, experience some mini successes, and I don’t eat all the mini Mr. Goodbars.

It’s nice to reward myself for being a grown-up by playing a round of Tetris. It’s the little things that motivate me to keep all these people in clean pajamas at night.

Speaking of pajamas, someone wore Big Brother’s earlier this week. I was behind on laundry, but it had nothing to do with Tetris…I swear on the I piece. Further proof this girl is going through a growth spurt. Slow it down, sweet sister…

adelaide pjs 1 adelaide pjs 2 adelaide pjs 3

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