Trendy One Vehicle Social Experiment

“Are you doing a social experiment?”

“Beg your pardon?” No idea what this woman is asking me in the clearance toothpaste section. Graham is helping me with coupons. Adding close-to-free hygiene items to our little stash. Adelaide is in her stroller…we haven’t even looked at wheelchairs at this time in our lives. She’s eating a toy and counting. Bess is up in a carrier. My little snuggle bug.

“Well, your son just said you needed to run all your errands today, because you won’t have the van the rest of the week. Are you doing a One Vehicle Social Experiment? It’s kind of trendy right now.”

Trendy One Vehicle Social Experiment? Am I a hipster in Nashville? I didn’t realize it was trendy to have only one operating vehicle. Is it trendy to live on one income, too? Because I’m going to be on the cover of whatever magazine trendy people read! This is definitely a Target conversation. So.Very.Target.

“No, due to a budget issue, we decided back in December 2012 to temporarily use one vehicle. And it worked so well, we just decided to keep doing it.” Has it really been that long? More than two years? Wow.

“How does it work? Do you just stay home a lot?”

“Yes, we stay home quite a bit. When we need the van, we drop my husband off at work and pick him up. Or I try to plan things in the afternoon. He comes home at lunch, picks us up, we take him back to work, and go to our appointment or run our errands or go to playdates. Then we pick him up at the end of the day. It works really well for us.”

“Couldn’t do it.”

And…she just walked away.

“Mama, why did dat girl care so much about ours van?”

“Sweetie, I have no idea.”

“Maybe she don’t got a car and she needs a ride in ours.”

“That’s a good guess! I don’t know the answer.”

“Or maybe she just wanted to know all about us cuz we’re so cool and awesome and save lots of money on toofpaste and car gas.”

I doubt that’s what she was thinking. I didn’t even make the trendy cut…cool and awesome aren’t even in reach.

“Mama, stop laughing at me. I fink she fought you’re cool and awesome. Cuz you are.”

“Thank you, Graham. That was sweet.”

Let’s buy this kid a cookie!


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3 thoughts on “Trendy One Vehicle Social Experiment

  1. Because... I'm cheap says:

    Lol. Good to hear that I’m trendy too. We’ve been down to one vehicle for about a year now. And we survive just fine!


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