The Dangers of Dentist Duty

Dave is on nighttime tooth duty. His routine with Adelaide works extremely well. Since Adelaide loves to count, they count while brushing.Very methodically, he brushes all her baby teeth. As she gets older and stronger, it becomes more difficult to get that toothbrush where it needs to be. But he does it with a smile on his face. Dad of the Year. I am on morning tooth duty. We sing. The song is as random as our weather. Sometimes I throw in some falsetto. Other times, she giggles to my over-the-top operatics. Most mornings, it’s just some made up song about how I need her to just let mommy get in a few more good brushes. To the tune of some ancient nursery rhyme.  I am thankful Dave does such an amazing job on his watch. I don’t think I’m earning any points with the dental association…

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Dentist Duty

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