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“Do not ship until you hear from her. She doesn’t understand what she bought. Offer her a refund.”

We closed down the eBay store last month. Just one more thing that I’ve had to give up in the past few years. But we had one last listing I had completely forgotten about. And it sold. She didn’t even make an offer. Just hit ‘buy now’ and sent the money.

Fifty dollars. Which was less than a third of what we had paid out-of-pocket for it. But I just wanted it sold and blessing someone else. Still brand new in the package. Adelaide never used it, because she never walked before she outgrew it. She never stood before she outgrew it. Still not doing those things.

I reread my listing. It was completely clear. No room for ambiguity. But God had spoken so clearly to me. It was audible in my spirit. “Do not ship until you hear from her. She doesn’t understand what she bought. Offer her a refund.”

I did just that. I explained what it was, said I wouldn’t ship until she confirmed that she understood its purpose, and that I would love to refund her if she had purchased the item by mistake.

Her response was what I expected. She had made a mistake. She couldn’t believe I would be willing to refund. She said she was praying God’s blessings over us for being so kind.

I refunded her money. And I felt a wave of release. I honestly haven’t felt close to God lately. I’ve been feeling slightly distant. Wondering how several things in my life are going to work out. Asking questions. Unsure about so many paradoxes. Understanding they must be true, but not sure how to reconcile everything.

But this exchange of messages served as a reminder that I am still His. I still hear from Him. It’s a minor thing, but I was able to save a family on this special needs journey from the disappointment of buying something they can’t use. The frustration of wasting money they could’ve used on all the other things their child needs. And maybe she also needed to be reminded that God was working something in their lives.

It’s a small thing, but it meant the world in this season of my walk with the Lord. I needed this more than the $50.

Time’s up…but you can join me at with your own five minutes of raw and unedited thoughts.


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7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | World

  1. Vicki says:

    It is such a comfort to know that He is with us and to know that He cares about the details. <3

    I should get back to writing again….I miss it and five minute fridays!


  2. This is a beautiful post! God knows exactly what we need, doesn’t He? He’s such a personal God. So glad to have “met” you today for Five Minute Friday. Blessings, Tasha


  3. Lyneta says:

    Beautiful post! I am always encouraged in my own walk when I hear stories about people listening to the Holy Spirit. May you be rewarded double for your faithfulness!


  4. katiedahl83 says:

    First-time reader here. Such a beautiful post; thank you for sharing.


  5. Amanda Snodgrass says:

    Love how God speaks to us in small but tangible ways. Love this as I’ve been having doubts and questions of my own.


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