Go, legs, go!

Normally, Adelaide stands by holding onto our hands and pulling herself up with her upper body. Her bottom and legs basically follow as her upper body does the work. Her legs have always been weaker. There were concerns for several months concerning her leg strength. At one point in our journey, a muscle biopsy and body scans were on the table. We had a deadline for being able to support any amount of weight with her legs. As we got closer to the deadline, I was so anxious. But, in true Adelaide fashion, she took it right down to the wire and was bearing some weight with her legs right before the deadline. Whew.

As her legs get stronger, and her brain sends the message to her legs that they are indeed made for bearing weight and standing and walking, we are seeing improvements in her leg motions and abilities. So, on Thursday, we had a major milestone! Adelaide stood up with assistance by having her legs do the work! Her little legs worked so hard. I was thrilled to record it for Dave. Two times! And when you are trying to get ‘proof’ of special needs milestones, that’s close to winning the lottery. Our kiddos never do things when the cameras are on. It’s like a sport for them. But we got it!

And when I showed it to Dave, he said, “Yes! She did that in her crib this morning while you were at your hair appointment!” I was so happy for Dave. He doesn’t usually get to see the milestones first. It was such a blessing that he was able to have that moment while getting Adelaide from her crib.

We are so proud of her! She just turned 3 1/2 this month. Our girl is getting so big!

adelaide sitting



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One thought on “Go, legs, go!

  1. MamaM says:

    Joy! Pure joy!


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