When I Sing To My Daughter

Adelaide doesn’t make eye contact. Unless you are singing to her or reciting a nursery rhyme. Our neurologist says it can be typical for children like her. Adelaide has several brain abnormalities, including polymicrogyria, and is non-verbal. When I want to connect with my daughter, I find myself singing her favorite songs over and over again, just for that sacred time when I know in my heart of hearts that she actually sees me. When I sing to Adelaide, she giggles. She grabs my face. She tries to sing with me. I cherish those moments between us, because the rest of our interactions are so atypical for a mom and daughter. The eye contact during music time stirs something in me. Adelaide also loves to dance. She wriggles on her back, kicks her legs, and thrashes her head from side to side. When a favorite song comes on at home or in the car, she starts clapping. Sometimes, she will even try to sing some of the words. They sound like slurred vowel sounds as she experiments with the lyrics…

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When I Sing to My Daughter

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