Let’s Play A Game

“Graham, I’ve got a game! It’s called Real Life. You pretend to be a boy who needs to clean his room and I’m the mom who mows the lawn. Then you can talk back to me and I can fold all this laundry. Then you can say, “I’m hungry!” and I’ll say, “Wait until dinner.” This game will work because you’re only 5 years old, but I’m 6 years old.”

“Jasmine, I got a better idea. We pway a game called Frow, Frow, Hit, Hit! I frow fings at you. I get points if I hit yous in da face. I get more points if I hit yous in da face and you cwy. I do it four times. If you don’t get your face hitted, den I lose and it’s your turn. If I do hits your face, I get to keep frowing fings!”

“Graham, that game is not a good idea.”

“Well, dat’s yours ‘pinion and I hate it.”

“Graham, let’s play a game from your shelf.”

“Dat’s a idea I can do.”

“You need to let me win, because I’m older.”

“Jasmine, I don’t fink I can lose on purpose. I’m just too good at life. But I can show you all mine awesome wobot pitchers.”

“I don’t like robots.”

“What kinda person doesn’t like wobots?”




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One thought on “Let’s Play A Game

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