Mommies Can Be Mummies, Too

“Aunt Lele, my favorite game is called Mummy, Mummy, Come Alive!”

“Jasmine, she knows! You told hers yesterday!”

“Aunt Lele, I stand in the middle and close my eyes. Then everyone else says, ‘1. 2. 3,4,5! Mummy, Mummy, Come Alive!’ and I chase everyone with my eyes closed!”

“Jasmine, why are da mommy’s eyes closed?”

“Graham, it’s not mommy. It’s mummy. I know, because I’m 6.”

“Like da people from spooky shows wif tape all on dem?”

“Graham, it’s not tape. Where would mummies get tape? Five-year-olds don’t understand mummies.”

“But dems are dose people. So, dems could be mummies and mommies.”

“No, they are not mommies. They are just mummies.”

“You don’t know dat! Mommies can be mummies, too!”

“Mommies would never chase people with their eyes closed, Graham! Right, Aunt Lele?”


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