Five Minute Friday | Dream

And go…

She asked if she could iron all our clothes, but then tried to charge us when she dropped them off. Sixteen dollars for sixteen items. As I dug for cash, she called her husband, “She doesn’t have the money. Should we just make them free?” I swear she offered it as a gift that day she picked up our laundry. Went on and on about how she was blessing us. But here I am digging for $16. To pay for something Dave could’ve done for free.

For weeks now, I’ve been having this recurring dream. The item and dollar amount changes, but the theme stays the same. Someone offers to do something for us, but then tries to charge us. I am always digging for money and thinking, “Didn’t they say they were doing this for free?”

I have no interpretation for it. Not even sure if it’s a meaning dream. I’ve had prophetic dreams in the past, but I also just have vivid dreams all the time. But this dream…at least five times a week.

I know I struggle with accepting things from others. But I’ve really improved in the stretching area of allowing people to bless us. Except last week. When a friend wanted to make us dinner and I said no. I just knew I was supposed to say no. Then, my daughter, who has food allergies, vomited for two days. If we had introduced any new food, even made of her safe foods, we couldn’t have immediately ruled out diet and determined stomach bug. So, it was a blessing to tell someone not to bless us.

But other than that, I’ve been so much better. Still awkward. But better.

So these dreams could mean that I secretly think everyone who wants to help has an agenda…or they could mean something else. Like I said, I’m not good with interpretation.

Times up…

Join me with your own five minutes of raw and unedited and revealing…if that suits your fancy…writing.


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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Dream

  1. Love how you shared your recurring dream. God is definitely pressing something on your heart. LInking up via #fmfparty.


  2. […] wake up with a sense that something has meaning. Sometimes for myself, usually for someone else. I don’t have the interpretation…that gifting belongs to […]


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