Grahamism: Peep Shows

Graham: “Uh-scuse me, man. Do you like Peep shows?”

Man: irritated, bewildered, curmudgeonly noises

Me: “He means Peep and the Big Wide World. It’s an educational cartoon.”

Man: walks away

Graham: “Dat’s wude not to answer mine question. I just wanna tell da whole world about Peep shows! Peep shows are mine fave-wit and da best shows ever! Maybe hims likes Peep shows and hims just doesn’t even know it yet!”

Me: “Maybe we should stop talking about Peep shows at Wal-Mart.”


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2 thoughts on “Grahamism: Peep Shows

  1. princess zulu says:

    Haha!!! Hilarious! The things that kids say. Apparently, my aunts and uncles used to tell everyone that their dad was the mailman. Thankfully, it was true. My grandpa was a mailman at the time… Strangers did not always know that, I am sure… haha.


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