Strangers In A Parking Lot

“You have no consideration. No consideration.” We were next to a handicap spot at the mall. I was actually thrilled to be parked so close. We don’t have a placard yet, so parking has been tricky. I remove the wheelchair by lifting it out of the back of our van, try to squeeze between two vehicles, and load Adelaide. Most days, we cannot fit. So I leave the wheelchair at the back of the van, get Adelaide, and load her up just feet from passing cars. When we are ready to leave, I usually park the wheelchair at the back, load Adelaide, then lift our wheelchair back up into the van. We had already loaded up, when a woman and young man approached the vehicle next to us in the handicap van spot. The caregiver and an aide started to lower the side lift from the vehicle. They attached the transit straps. We were just waiting. We weren’t staring. I didn’t offer to help, because they had everything under control. It makes me nervous when strangers approach me. I have my systems, so it’s just easiest to stick to our routine. I wasn’t reversing our vehicle, because I wanted to stay out of their way. But what I often see in the special needs community reared its ugly head. This attitude that everyone is judging us, glaring at us, and being inconsiderate. And that no one in the entire world knows our struggle. As we just patiently waited in our van, she said in the most caustic voice, “You have no consideration. No consideration.” 

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Strangers in a Parking Lot

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