Mom Confession: Strength Training

A friend offered to teach me how to become strong. Because I’m very weak. And Adelaide eats like food it’s about to be outlawed and she has nowhere to hide it for future consumption. 

She is now 36 pounds. She is just going to keep getting bigger, unless she Benjamin Buttons it. And I use 2 pound weights when I work out. I’m no Will Hunting, but those numbers aren’t looking good.

Since she can’t stand, walk, or get into her wheelchair/highchair/carseat/bathseat/crib, Mommy getting stronger was the wise and necessary choice.

So, that means I needed to work smarter and harder. I learned how to correctly do a squat. Turns out I was doing that wrong. And I learned how to do a proper lunge. And I learned how to do a pushup that won’t kill my elbows. And I recorded my friend doing a plank. Because I have never done one. Ever.

I am excited about this new fitness journey. But I also hate looking foolish. I struggle with doing things I am really bad at. It’s not easy for me to be completely transparent and say, “I can’t do that yet.” So I keep repeating the YET. I will be able to squat, lunge, pushup, and plank without looking like Captain America before the vita-rays. I just can’t do it YET.

Since I’m already embarrassing myself this week, seems like a fantastic time to announce that I also don’t know how to type. I learned a long time ago, just like how I learned to do strength training exercises, but I stopped.

I obviously type things. But I don’t do it properly. And I need to relearn before Graham adopts my zany method.

So I guess you got two mom confessions in one. Aren’t you lucky?


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2 thoughts on “Mom Confession: Strength Training

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