Five Minute Friday | Ten

Ready, set, go…

Ten Things I Hate About You

1. You call me fat. You use other words, like large and flabby and unfit. Unfit. That’s the worst. Because the connotation is there. Unfit for everything.

2. You call me sloppy. I just rolled out of bed, while she looks put together in matching workout clothes. With her perfect ponytail to match and her purse that wasn’t chewed up by a three-year-old who will eat anything.

3. You call me undisciplined. You laugh that I download every app out there to get on track, as my house and schedule-keeping and Bible reading all take turns on the backburner. I need a crash course in being a homemaker. Or even in being a human.

4. You call me lazy. Always tired. Weary. Lacking that energy that drives other moms to tackle splash pads. Or museums. Or even the backyard.

5. You call me old. Too old to have a fresh purpose. A new dream. A God-sized goal. Too old to learn a new anything.

6. You call me selfish. I spend so much time thinking about myself. Why can’t I do more for others? Think about her? Help him? Everyone else does…what’s my problem?

7. You call me needy. I can’t keep friends, because I drive them away with my prayer requests and problems and rants and crazy. She didn’t return my text because she no longer wants me in her life. Bothering her.

8. You call me unread. Unpopular. No one cares about my story. My journey is a dime a dozen. My words are just hot air. Apathy is the response, because I’m not compelling enough to warrant attention.

9. You call me untrusting. Because I have more questions for God than answers. Even after almost 3 decades with Him, I still don’t understand how all this will work out. You say I can’t think those things. Just have faith.

10. You call me late. Late for church. Late for life. Why even show up some days…when you’re always late. And juggling more kids than you have hands. All to choruses of you’ve-got-your-hands-plate-heart-full ringing in my ears.

I would unfriend you on Facebook, unfollow you on Twitter, block you from my blog, and get a restraining order from your verbal abuse. But you’re me. My flesh. And I don’t know why I let you stay around so long. If you had been anyone else, you wouldn’t be given the time of day.

Ten Things I Hate About Myself. And not one of them is true.

Time’s up.

Join me for your own five minutes at … Okay, in all honesty, this was ten minutes. Graham asked me 17 questions while I was frantically swyping away.


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5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Ten

  1. Thanks for such an honest post! Oh how I’m so glad that God knows how to drown out the lies of our flesh with His truth. :) Visiting from Five Minute Friday, Tasha


  2. It’s sad and ugly when we look at the lies we tell ourselves. I am thankful for His Truth and His words of love He speaks over us! Happy Friday to you! (Visiting from #FMF)


  3. denise says:

    you very much shine with beauty, true beauty.


  4. […] even do the basics of motherhood.” If only I could figure out how to make money off all my issues. Maybe I could offer my ramblings to Christian counselors who are writing books and need a case […]


  5. […] was so discouraged. But when I would’ve normally started calling myself a failure, I changed my language. I am not a failure. I made a few mistakes. It happens. Sleep-deprived moms […]


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