A Tale Of Two Gait Belts

“We’re going to count to three, and then stand? Are you ready? Put your arms around my neck.” I wasn’t talking to my 3-year-old with hypotonia. We were moving my dad-in-law from his hospice bed to a lift chair. My first experience with a gait belt. Helping a man almost twice my weight. A man who was losing his battle with stage 4 brain cancer. At the time, I couldn’t help but think of our little Adelaide. We practice safe transfers. Safe lifting. Safe carrying. But she is getting bigger. Gained 7 pounds since her birthday. Would she need a gait belt? She and her Papa Bob were both in diapers. Using wheelchairs. Having seizures, not able to drink from cups, entire muscle groups not cooperating…

Photo - Gait Belt Article

Finish reading over on the Firefly Friends blog.

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One thought on “A Tale Of Two Gait Belts

  1. Amber says:

    You are an excellent writer!

    Isn’t it amazing how the tiniest things can bring back memories like that?

    And yes, I think Papa Bob would be proud – of both of you!


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