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As we unwrapped Graham’s personality day by day, we discovered that he was a perfectionist. And the most strong-willed child I had ever encountered. And overly critical. And so hard on himself…harder on others. And difficult to please. And pointed out every flaw with everything in the known and unknown universe.

It scared me. I was new at parenting, and I had ended up with a child who made me feel completely inadequate. And I cried so many times out to the Lord, begging him to give me some sort of wisdom to raise such a hard kid.

But I was also terrified that Graham would be afraid of new things. That he would be so critical of himself, that he wouldn’t be able to find the joy in learning…even when it’s hard and we aren’t naturals.

When he started drawing, I thought, “This is the end. He’s going to spend days on one doodle. He will wear out erasers before I’ve sharpened the pencil for the second time. He’ll throw away all his drawings and life is going to be miserable.”

But the opposite happened.

Graham loved drawing. The flip side to his difficult personality is this beautiful creativity. And passion. Graham filled every space with something new or trying the same thing 50 times in a row with slight variations. Crossing out what he didn’t like and yelling for us to come see what he loved. Which was most of it.

He draws what he imagines, sees in the world, and wants to see in real life. He draws his favorite things. He draws what scares him. He draws for at least a couple hours a day.

And the personality I get when I try to teach him a new skill is not present when he’s drawing. He’s open-minded. Open to suggestions. Open to not being perfect.

And he drew this eagle for me.

An eagle from my favorite boy in the world.


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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Try

  1. That’s a beautiful story! thank you for sharing it with us. (Stopping by from FMF) Happy Friday to you!


  2. denise says:

    such a great story.


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