7 Steps To A Five Star Crockpot Meal

1. Carmelize a chopped onion.
2. Stir in chopped apples.
3. Slice turkey kielbasa and place in crockpot.
4. Add onions and apples to crockpot.
5. Add sauerkraut to crockpot.
6. Add water and brown sugar to crockpot and cook on high.
7. Cook until your husband gets home from work and the meal is so good you end up with a 4th child.

Slightly paraphrased, but that’s basically what the recipe said. And I followed steps 1-6 perfectly.

But here was my #7…

“Um, it’s not bad, but it’s not good either.”
“So you tried something new, and we won’t make it again. It’s all okay.”
“Did you use all the kielbasa in this?”
“It’s hard to mess up sausage.”
“I scooped out the sausage for the kids. I’ll see if they eat it while you’re at Bible Study.”
“They gave this 5 stars?”

Yes. Five stars. Everyone said it was fantastic. Some lady came just short of saying she was going to quit her job and just eat this until she was evicted from her apartment.

“Dave, do not throw it away. I will eat it.”
“Are you sure? You haven’t tasted it.”

Maybe it was Five out of Fifty Stars.
Or maybe someone paid a lot of bloggers for their reviews…


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2 thoughts on “7 Steps To A Five Star Crockpot Meal

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