Budgeting For My Hair

Because my self-worth issues are like Nicholas Sparks’ books…way too many and just slightly different from one to the next…Dave and I decided last year to start budgeting for me to get my hair done every 8-10 weeks. As opposed to having it look pretty bad until a special occasion forced me to call my stylist.

Last night, my shampoo had eucalyptus in it. Which is one of my top ten favorite things in the world. Right up there with sex, coffee, polar bears, most fruits and vegetables*, and Coldplay’s Ghost Stories album.

As I got the conditioner and scalp massage, I chuckled thinking about all three of my kids. They act like bathtime’s reached DEFCON 3 when I grab that shampoo bottle. Maybe they would be happier if I put them in capes and bought super fluffy towels. And offered them complimentary drinks.

As always, I came home refreshed. Sometimes Mommy just needs a couple hours without her tribe. And that ‘sometimes’ for this Mommy happens every 8-10 weeks. And it’s worth every penny.


*I don’t eat mangoes. They are like the Nicholas Sparks of the fruit world…

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