Mom Confession: Profound Dreams

I’ve mentioned before that I have had prophetic dreams most of my life. I dream very vividly and wake up with a sense that something has meaning. Sometimes for myself, usually for someone else. I don’t often have the interpretation…that gifting belongs to others.

I will write my dreams down as soon as I wake, just in case they do have meaning. Most times, I won’t know until I start to write whether I should file it under Keep And Seek Interpretation or This Room Is Too Warm.

I’m on the fence about tonight’s dream, but I’m leaning toward the first group…

“Invent things called donuts and self-flushing toilets so we can be a rich family.” I am talking into one of those little tape recorders. The ones that newspaper writers use. Yet, somehow, still manage to misquote people at every turn. Then I made stairs that go up and down while you stand on them. We went to Shark Tank with my brand spanking new invention: The Escalator. I made and sold shirts for babies that said, “I’m lackadaisical.” To make your baby lackadaisical.

I woke up to Bess rage-dancing in her sleep. Onto my face. I may be off on this…like I said, I don’t interpret the dreams…but I think I’m onto some real entrepreneurial gems here. Just a hunch. The toilet seems super profound and promising. I think I’ve got some real money makers here.


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