Mom Confession: Those Madison Accounts

Full disclosure. Because I think it’s best to get these things out in the open before a breach of security does it for me. I had one of those accounts.

Dave knows about it. He was disappointed, but he helped me get focused back on what’s important.

Sometimes the days were long and I just needed a break from the kids. I would hide in the laundry room. Hoping no one would see me.

I spent money we didn’t even have. All for something so temporary.

They said life was short. And I believed them. It was so easy.

I had to make a list of preferences. I chose one thing: Sweet. And they delivered.

I am ashamed to admit that I signed up for a Dolly Madison account.


Just to cheat on my diet.

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One thought on “Mom Confession: Those Madison Accounts

  1. princess zulu says:

    I love your off the wall sense of humor.


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