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Sometimes I’m afraid to even utter the words ‘seizure-free’ because somewhere deep inside…the part of me that secretly wants to avoid cracks on the sidewalk…I think I’ll trigger a seizure just by saying it. Jinxing Adelaide. We’ve never gone longer than a couple months without seizures. And here we are at 6 months. I should be throwing a party with a cake and balloons and noisemakers. But instead, I find myself waiting until evening and then grabbing a pack of chocolate cookies. Almost afraid to even say it. “Dave, we need to celebrate. Today is six months without a seizure.” The sky didn’t fall. The crust of the earth didn’t open. Adelaide didn’t have even one of her four types of seizures. Will I always be so hesitant to celebrate? Not wanting to look too proud? Not wanting to seem like we’ve forgotten all our friends who are still seizing every single day? So many children who haven’t found the medicine or diet or whatever makes it all stop. Adelaide should be having seizures breakthrough. They are still happening very deep in her brain. But, for reasons we don’t understand, a dose just under the maximum is keeping them from breaking through. And I want to rent a confetti canon and a band. But I’ll settle for snuggles and cookies. And I’m learning to stop looking for the boogeyman. And I keep praying for everyone who would throw a parade after one week of being seizure-free. It’s a horrible boat we’re all in, but we love one another so much. And they won’t judge us for being seizure-free. And we won’t take one day for granted.

Six months. Six glorious months.


Time’s up.

Join me at for your own five minutes of raw, unedited, stepping on the cracks writing. Even though it’s Saturday, it’s not too late…


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One thought on “Five Minute Friday | Find

  1. Liz says:

    She’s beautiful…and my heart breaks for all she has had to go through in her young life. I’m visiting from five minute friday — know that you and your precious daughter will be in my prayers! I work in the medical field and have seen so many of the effects of living in a broken world. Thank you for sharing your heart and giving me a glimpse into your life.


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