Looking Back

Most days, I love the look back option on social media. Showing me mini time capsules of this date in our history.


2012: Watching a pre-release of VeggieTales' League of Incredible Vegetables

“Adelaide ate her first chocolate sprinkles, Graham went down his first wet inflatable slide, & Dave ate his first crawfish boil.”

From a friend’s birthday party in 2013.


2013: Playing with a 15 cent yard sale find

And the pictures. Be still my heart. I love seeing my kiddos so small.



2013: Adelaide scooted backwards into the kitchen for the first time



2014: Adelaide rolled something for the first time while crawling


2014: She was so proud of herself

Everyday nothings.


2014: Big girl booster seat at Great Gma Tracy's house


2014: Miss Bess navigating the furniture

Other times, I just cry and cry. So many memories with my dad-in-law. We spent just about every Sunday together. And so many other days in between.

“Watched Miss Universe for the first time. My father-in-law, Bob Plummer, called it from the opening sequence. I thought it would come down to Mexico and Jamaica. We are now going to star in our show about private citizens who help the police with their uncanny ability to call pageants before they start. It will be called Psych! We will make a lot of money with this idea!”


He was always calling the pageants, predicting baby genders, and could tell you who would win American Idol from the auditions.

Miss him so much.

And last year, we ate baked chips and he played with Elizabeth’s feet. But he asked me not to take any pictures of him.

And I wish I would’ve taken one without him knowing.

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