Eight Benefits Of Your Kids Not Sleeping Through The Night

You are good at coffee. Brewing it. Drinking it. Drinking more of it.

You can be the first American to like the statuses of friends in other countries with other time zones.

You never need to set a “time to change your tampon” alarm.

You can literally do laundry 24/7. And you do. The dryer helps someone fall back asleep.

You can finally take a hot shower. At 3 am. Right after you like someone’s lunch on Instagram.

You can empathize with new moms. They are so adorable, and sad, when they first realize that sleep now comes in 70 minute chunks.

You can eat without sharing. Once they are all back asleep. Just remember: they can hear you peel a banana three rooms away.

You can get away with almost anything. When you forget the word for “coat” and call it “the thing for arms at snow time”…you get an automatic pass.


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