Standing Ovation

In November, we’re getting family photos done with our astounding photographer, Myra. At Elizabeth’s 1-year-old session last year, I told Myra we would see her this year for Christmas photos. And I told her I had a wish.

I wanted to get a photo of Adelaide standing. We hugged and Myra said she *knew* it would happen. She didn’t doubt that Adelaide would be standing by this Christmas.

I think it’s fitting that Adelaide’s milestone is going out in our cards this year. I haven’t sent Christmas cards since her birth announcement in 2011.

The end of 2012 was a nightmare. We had no money for Christmas cards. We had very few answers about Adelaide. I couldn’t even think about sending cards out. Dave’s coworkers collected almost $3000 for us and I barely had enough energy to write the thank you notes. Plus, how do you send Christmas cards when you are barely paying your regular bills and people you’ve never met are paying your daughter’s skyrocketing medical bills? The answer is: you don’t. No cards. No family photos. No unnecessary anything.

This year, we are sending a card. With a family photo and a photo of Adelaide standing. Because you may have missed it, but Adelaide stood for the first time on July 30th. When she was 2, she started standing for a bit and then lost the skill as her body got too heavy and her legs just weren’t strong enough. But now, she is actually using her butt and legs to get herself up! And I get goosebumps every time I watch it. It had almost 8,000 views on our Facebook page. That didn’t count mine. I watched it everyday for weeks.

Can you believe it! We waited years for that little moment in history. So beautiful.

adelaide therapy july 30 2adelaide therapy 8

And then, the next week, she stayed up on her feet, with support from her therapist, for a record 10 seconds.

adelaide therapy day 2adelaide therapy day 3adelaide therapy august 6

Then, mid-August, she got herself up and didn’t buckle her legs for 15 seconds. She kept those little legs working so hard.

adelaide supporting weight august 13

By the end of August, she was able to keep herself up 15 seconds, even when her legs started to buckle. At about 5 seconds, she started to fall. But she shifted her weight, bounced a few times, and kept herself up longer.

adelaide therapy day 7adelaide therapy day 5adelaide therapy 6

Last week, she stayed up 23 seconds. With help from her therapist, our amazing Adelaide stayed up on her legs for 23 seconds!


We go for photos the first week of November. And I am over-the-moon excited to capture Adelaide up on those legs. She’s worked so hard for this and I want share it with the world!

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One thought on “Standing Ovation

  1. That is wonderful! I cried with joy for you!! Our son has Apraxia, and when he said Mama for the first time I cried. Milestones are especially epic when our kids work like superhereos to achieve them.


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