Five Minute Friday | Celebrate

Ready, set, go…

Adelaide had her occupational therapy evaluation on Tuesday. I will spare you the feelings I had when I heard the words, “Let’s not even focus on the 3-month-old result, but focus on her care plan.” Three months. Yikes. The amazing news: Adelaide scored so low, she qualifies for individualized services at the preschool. I, of course, am tremendously thankful. But the sting was there. Not looking for pity…just being honest. I am so proud of Adelaide. She worked extremely hard at that evaluation. She did her best. And we have hope that she will be able to use a crayon, complete a puzzle, use a cup, turn a doorknob. Last year, I was terrified of preschool. Last month, I was nervous about preschool. Tonight, I am ready to drop my beauty off three mornings a week and watch her flourish. And we will celebrate each new inchstone. Her therapist says they will call me every time Adelaide does something new, so we can whoop and holler together. We are blessed to have so many people in our corner. And it’s just around the corner. Literally. Three blocks away. I will probably hear their parade while I’m hanging sheets on the line and chasing a pair of siblings who can’t wait to get Mommy all to themselves for a bit. We are entering into something good here. And it feels fabulous to whisper those words aloud. “We can do this. This is going to be good. God goes before us in this.”




Time’s up.

Please join me at with your own five minutes of unedited, uninterrupted, unperfect {just pretend it’s a word for the sake of alliteration} writing.


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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Celebrate

  1. Syndal Leigh says:

    I love your idea of celebrating. I, too, have been learning to celebrate the small things and we all need cheerleaders in life that push us and remind us to celebrate, to rest from the work of it all and enjoy. Your daughter is beautiful


  2. Good to hear you’re excited. A lovely smile she is giving us there too :)


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