Music For A Quickie…

…workout. Seriously, if you thought this was some sort of newlywed mixed tape, you will be ghastly disappointed.

When I have a very short time to get in some cardio dance, I go to my tried and true videos. They are high energy, super fun, and I couldn’t even tell you who half the artists are. Because my knowledge of pop and/or club type music is almost non-existent.

But it’s the closest I will ever get to being in a club when we use this playlist. A club where I am Tina Fey from Baby Mama and Graham is my Amy Poehler. Constantly shouting, “Stop framing your face!”



And children are crawling under feet and I’m trying not to trip on toys. So, not really like a club at all. More like trying to work out in a Toys R Us.

Without further ado, I present to you Lyndse’s Quick Refit Revolution Playlist. Enjoy.

Just a short and sweet way to get in some fitness. While wearing my pajamas. And hoping the kids across the street don’t see me.

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