And Now For The Talent Portion

“Mama, what’s yours talent? You know how some peoples dance or sing or make fings wif art? What’s your talent? Do you even got one?”

Weighty question from a kindergartener. Can I call him that if he’s ‘done school’ fewer than one dozen times this year? We’re still getting into the homeschooling saddle. I shouldn’t even use that phrase. I’ve been on a horse once. Horseback riding…definitely not my talent.

I have no answer for Graham. He is wanting to hear that I excel at something. I sing well enough to blend in at church. I quit the clarinet almost two decades ago. I don’t paint or sew or act.

“Graham, I can’t think of anything. What do you think?”

“It’s not makin our house clean. I know dat.”

I’m 32. I love my husband and my children. I love them well. But I definitely do not have anything I could showcase at the Mrs. Missouri pageant.

“Is there anything you think I’m good at?”

Grammar. But I’m fond of ending on a preposition just to stick it to the man.

“Reading. You’res good at reading books to me.”

I’ll take it.

I’m officially claiming ‘Good Reader’ as my talent. From now on, I needn’t worry about my legacy or lack of accomplishments. I am a good reader of children’s books. Tonight, that’s good enough.


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One thought on “And Now For The Talent Portion

  1. Maura says:

    I love this. That is a GREAT talent to have. Not everyone is good at that. I love your writing. I think I would suggest that is another talent you have :) Thank you so much for sharing Graham’s adorable conversations and thoughts.


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