You’re Doing What To Her Finger?


Today was Elizabeth’s two-year-old well check appointment. I knew she was getting a shot. I didn’t know they would need a finger prick to check her hemoglobin level.

Because she’s my first kiddo with food allergies. There are so many firsts with her.

Due to her elimination diet, they needed to check for anemia. Her levels were normal, which was great news. She laughed during the prick. She talked to her bandaid like it was a finger puppet.

She aced her developmental check. With one exception. The girl will not jump. She will lift her heels off the ground, but keeps those little toes glued to the floor. This morning, she copied my lunges, squats, planks, and steps. But she wouldn’t jump with me.

Her two-year-old well check appointment was so much better than Graham’s. I was a wreck during his, because I was always fearful he was behind in something. First-time Mom Disease. Adelaide’s two-year-old appointment was disastrous. Our doctor skipped the developmental check, because  Adelaide couldn’t do any of it. Not one single thing. But Elizabeth’s was great.

She celebrated with organic gfree vegan animal cookies from her grandma. I celebrated with an unsweetened tea.

And she is pretending to prick her baby dolls’ fingers right now. And bringing them to me for snuggles. Just part of the allergy mom’s job description.

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