Grahamism: Mario

“Uh-scuse me, lady, but we need all da fings dat make us cool video game people!”

graham mario

Graham saved up his allowance to buy the 2009 Super Mario Bros game for Wii. But we don’t own a Wii. So we borrowed one. And we had to unplug our VCR to use the input. Which presents the problem: How will we watch our Buttercream Gang VHS? If you were homeschooled in the 90s, there is one somewhere in your family. And Graham needed an SD card to save his Mario progress. So he used his allowance to buy one and told the employee all about his new Mario game and how he needed Wii batteries for the remotes. Please, please, please do not tell my child that we are still outdated. With our more-than-half-a-decade-old game and our borrowed almost-a-decade-old system. He thinks we are cool now. And that girl who was barely half my age stifled a chuckle and helped him find an SD card and I stifled a chuckle realizing she was born at least six years after Buttercream Gang was made. Six years. And that’s how old my baby boy is now. Have I mentioned my favorite boy in the world is now six? Six whole years. And his Angry Birds decorations are still up. And he’s already talking about how he will have a Mario birthday when he turns 7. Because Mario is so cool with boots and a mustache.

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2 thoughts on “Grahamism: Mario

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