Buy A House In 12 Months With Cash

Exactly one year from today, I will be buying a furnished house. With cash. It’s a God-sized dream. I haven’t taken it on lightly. I don’t even know how it’s going to happen. I just know that it’s been burning in my spirit for more than 12 months now. And it is going to happen 12 months from today. 


“Desperate poverty in Mongolia leaves many families suffering in cold, makeshift huts. Winter can be deadly, with fierce winds and temperatures of 50 degrees below.

You can protect children with a ger—constructed of durable, felt-lined canvas stretched over a wooden frame and floor to withstand severe weather. Your gift also includes furniture such as a bed, storage chest, table, and stools.” WorldVision

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One thought on “Buy A House In 12 Months With Cash

  1. […] We’re buying a Mongolian Ger this year. The account keeps growing and growing. Aside from growing a human, it’s my largest […]


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