A Mom To A Six-Year-Old Boy

Our “Things That Needta Get Kragle-d” Pile. Under state law, these items cannot be thrown away. Even though they are far past the magical healing powers of super glue.

super glue pile

Bedtime reading is now one picture book and one chapter from a ‘big boy’ book. Or 5 chapters if the main character is in any danger.

mouse and the motorcyclegraham runaway ralph

Blue raspberry icee x2, chocolate shake, pretzels, Super Mario Bros for Wii, and games at the local arcade. Allowance is a beautiful invention.

graham mariograham air hockey 1graham tilt

An Angry Birds Star Wars Encyclopedia. The best $5 I’ve ever spent on ebay. He ‘read’ it 7 hours in the first three days.

graham star wars angry birds

He will no longer eat off plastic plates or from plastic bowls. No exceptions.

graham oranges

“Don’t take mine pitcher being happy about how good I am at Ks. Just pwetend I’m mad about it.”

graham and the letter k

He was 6 years and 4 days old when he declared that his 7th birthday party will be Mario. The Bros. Not Batali. I hope. Because I found this candle on clearance last week.

mario candle

“Am I yours favorite boy? You always say it. Is it true?” “Of course it’s true. Always.” “Good. Cuz I love you so much.”

graham and mommy

“Mama, come see mine poop! One’s shaped like a cashew and da ovver looks like a peanut!”

[No photo. You’re welcome.]

“I did it wif a pen, cuz I knows I’m dat good at life. And I gived it da biggest star. Cuz I’m good at stars now, too.”

graham number 10

He must find the perfect leaf before getting into the van. But he doesn’t keep it. He crumples it up as he shouts, “Boys like to bweak stuff and girls wear fuzzy boots!”

graham sunday selfie

If a squirrel is spotted, we must all marvel at how it bounces when it runs. We cannot continue our walk or playground shenanigans until the squirrel is out of sight.

graham park 2graham park

“No sacrifice is too great in the service of freedom.” Optimus Prime

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2 thoughts on “A Mom To A Six-Year-Old Boy

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