She Shook Her Head NO!

On Sunday, I asked Adelaide if I could take her empty bottle. She shook her head ‘no’ and crawled away from me. Bottle between her teeth. I have two witnesses: Shawnda and Angela. They will swear on a Chick-fil-a sandwich that Adelaide shook her head ‘no’ in that church nursery and knew exactly what she meant by it!

I forgot to tell Miss Susan, Adelaide’s paraprofessional, about our milestone. We were talking about cutting Adelaide’s grapes for snack time and how Adelaide is adjusting to the time change. Don’t even get me started on this outdated practice. Glory! Stop.messing.with.the.clocks.folks.

Adelaide’s figured out her school routine. Today, right before recess, she was saying (not signing) “Play! Play! Play!” They put on her jacket and went outside. Miss Susan asked, “Do you want to swing?” Adelaide SHOOK HER HEAD NO and looked toward a red push car. While she was playing in the car, four students from her buddy class got off their trikes and ran over to play with her. Shouting “Adelaide!” and showing her how to honk the horn.

Adelaide communicated! She shook her head ‘no’ and got what she wanted without crying or moaning or flapping her hands! This is a monumental day for us! And she was interacting with other children! You guys, I can’t even!

I think we need to celebrate with Chick-fil-a…



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