Maybe I Need Counseling Over Yoga Pants

Adelaide goes to school 9 hours a week. She needs to be comfy, because she’s doing hours of therapy, stander time, gait trainer time, and crawling. But I still want her to look cute. Because I’m a mom. And she’s my girl.

Since she has three therapies on Thursdays, I decided to dress her in her comfiest sweatpants. They are fleece. They are basically pajamas.

She normally wears leggings or yoga pants with cute tops and coordinating bibdanas/drool scarves. I also coordinate her extra outfit in her bag. She sometimes leaks out her diaper or makes a mess during self-feeding practice, and I want her to still be cute after a wardrobe change.

But today, I threw her into crazy sweatpants and forgot her bib. Grabbed one from the van…that didn’t even match. Realized at drop-off that her shirt didn’t even have polka dots. It had hearts. Oh well!

“Miss Adelaide, what are you wearing today?” Oh my gosh. A woman at the school, who didn’t know me, teased Adelaide and tickled her. I was laughing on the inside. Then I laughed on the outside. It was like a sitcom moment.

Adelaide’s the only kid in her school who uses a wheelchair, so she’s pretty noticeable. And I guess our fashion disaster today was also noticeable. We’re never wearing those pants to school again.

It was funny, but also a reminder that I always feel this need to make sure Adelaide looks cute.

I used to volunteer at The Children’s Hospital of Denver. I assisted in the cerebral palsy center. And I will never forget a mom bringing her daughter in a functional boutique outfit with matching socks and matching bow and matching diaper bag. “We use a wheelchair. But it doesn’t mean we can’t still look adorable!” At the time, I couldn’t relate at all.

But now, I totally understand what she was saying.

When your daughter is drooling and nonverbal and wearing a diaper, there’s just something nice about a beautiful hairbow or sweet yoga pants or pretty orthotic socks. It’s hard to explain without seeming shallow. But that mom and I, we share the desire to have our daughters looking like they are well-cared for. That no matter what our daughters are facing that day, they look put together.

And maybe that’s just it. There’s something deeper. If they look put together, we feel put together.

Adelaide is getting cute new leggings and yoga pants for Christmas. They’re already in the gift container. I’m so excited when I find 5t bottoms on clearance that I buy them all. They are functional and cute and don’t look anything like pajamas.

And even if I have some underlying issues here, my girl is looking good for school. There’s probably some fancy pants name for whatever is wrong with me, but I can use all the money I saved on clearance leggings and yoga pants to get some counseling.



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One thought on “Maybe I Need Counseling Over Yoga Pants

  1. Kelly says:

    I love her outfits! You are doing a great job!!


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