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We are in the middle of life stuff. How’s that for annoyingly vague… And I got so stuck in it, I just wanted to crawl into my perpetually unmade bed and cry myself to sleep. Is it worse than terrorist attacks? No. Is it worse than not having a toilet? No. Is it worse than a million other things I see everyday on my phone? Of course it isn’t. But I can become so myopic. It’s why I keep photos of our sponsor kids all over our fridge. It reminds me that my life is easy. And I stop to pray for them. Write a note. Mail some stickers. Not one ‘trouble’ in my life — at this moment, or any other moment — even compares to what our sponsor kids are living right now. I usually have more change in my van than most people in their countries make in a day. But I forget. And I feel trapped. When my blinders go on, I become self-centered Lyndse. It happens so quickly. Nanoseconds. But it always takes longer to snap me back to my cushy reality. Where we have food. Water. A home. Laundry. Clothes packed up for when we grow or shrink. “I feel stuck.” That’s what I said to Dave. As we were in our 8 x 8 office-turned-bedroom. I cried. We are in the middle of life stuff. And then I got a message from my brother. No, they literally can’t leave Phnom Penh with their children. They are truly stuck. Because their kids were birthed in their hearts, and not from my sister-in-law’s womb, it’s a mess. And only God can fix it. And only God can take off my ‘woe is me’ glasses, so I can correctly see the world. When I dwell on Him, I see how silly I am sometimes. Most of the time. Nearly all of the time.

Time’s up. You can join me at with your own five minutes of raw, unedited rambling. It’s a nice and non-judgey group.


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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday | Dwell

  1. God does care for us in the particulars of our life and sometimes that means reminding us that we have more than we need. I’ll pray for your brother and his family and for you, that you might become unstuck and be free. God bless.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday,


  2. rosebudmama says:

    Thank you for reminding me to make my thoughts dwell on the myriad of blessings in my life. I too often get fixated on “problems” that don’t really matter at the end of the day. May God give your brother and sister-in-law comfort peace, and get rid of all the obstacles, so that they can bring home their daughter soon.


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